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Gift Aid

The British Trolleybus Society became a registered charity in 1994 (Charity No. 1033666). Being a registered charity entitles us to claim back an amount of UK income tax that has been paid by any member, for example on their membership subscription or donations to the Society’s funds, such as the 'Sponsor Trolley' scheme. This helps the Society in its aim of restoring all its vehicles to working order.

Signing up to Gift Aid does not involve you in any additional outlay, just a couple of minutes to complete and return the Gift Aid Declaration form.

We do NOT contact your Inland Revenue office. We only submit a single annual claim with a list of names, without addresses or National Insurance Numbers (which we have no knowledge of anyway).

The Society has in recent years spent approaching £135,000 on restoring South Shields 204, London 1812, Cardiff 203, Manchester 1344, Walsall 872 and Huddersfield 631.  Once Huddersfield 631s restoration is completed there will be some major work to be carried out on both London 1812 and Bournemouth 99. Securing income tax refunds through Gift Aid will assist us in these and future projects. Overall the Gift Aid we receive back from HMRC is over £3,000 per year which you can see is a valuable source of funds for our projects..

If you are an existing member or are joining the Society, please assist us by signing up to Gift Aid. It will add a further 25% to your subscription or donation. The Gift Aid declaration is for life, so you only need contact us if you become a non-tax payer, as we are not entitled to reclaim tax that you have not paid in any tax year.

You can either download the Gift Aid declaration form, complete your details and send to the Gift Aid coordinator, or you can log into your Member Pages and send the automated email declaration.

Martin Harvey
Gift Aid Administrator

Click Here to go to the Gift Aid Application Form

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