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Registration Number : 301 LJ

Chassis: Sunbeam MF2B
Chassis No. TFD80202
Motor : Crompton Parkinson Ltd type C423, 95 nhp
Bodywork: Weymann H37/28D
Length 30 feet, Width 7 feet 11¾ inches.
Body Number M9516
Unladen Weight : 8 tons, 19 cwts, 2 qtrs
Entered Service : 1 November 1962
Withdrawn : 20 April 1969



With 30 MF2Bs already in service, the Council decided to order another 10 for delivery in 1961. All had Weymann bodies based on the company's "Aurora" design. At the beginning of July 1961 nine of the new MF2B chassis had been delivered to Weymann's when a fire in the trimming shop caused extensive damage to the premises and three of the chassis, which were returned to Sunbeam for repair. One (which would have been 299) was considered a write-off.

The depleted batch was numbered 295 - 303. They were registered 295 LJ - 303 LJ and were the only trolleybuses in Great Britain (rather than the UK) to carry "reversed" registrations. 301 was the last to be delivered, on 12 October 1962, and on 1 November was the last new trolleybus to enter service in the UK.

A few months after these trolleybuses entered service a new manager recommended that the trolleybus system be run down and eventually closed. The Council accepted his report, and it was expected that trolleybuses would run for another 10 - 15 years, but in fact closure came on 20 April 1969, with 301 being the final trolleybus to operate.


Following the ceremonial last run, on 20 April 1969, 301 made one final trip under power around the Mallard Road depot circuit.


The Bournemouth Passenger Transport Association (BPTA) purchased 301 for preservation in July 1969 and later also bought sister vehicle 297. 301 remained at Mallard Road Depot until 1990 and following a visit to the Black Country Museum for the Trolleybuses Galore event in June 1990, it was transported to Leyland Museum for display.



Both vehicles operated at the Trolleybus Galore event at the Black Country Museum in June 1990.

In 2011 301 headed south and was stored at Holton Heath, Poole until undercover storage was provided at the West of England Transport Museum at Winkleigh.

The BPTA sold 301 to the British Trolleybus Society for a nominal sum in June 2016 to ensure that the vehicle has a secure future. It was moved from Winkleigh, Dorset to Reading later that year before being towed to Sandtoft on 30 October 2018 where it was reunited with 297.


Following a major electrical fault in 2019, 301 was taken to Keighley Bus Museum where the electrics were repaired and an external repaint was carried out. 301was transported to Ellesmere Port where internal refurbishment is taking place and window rubber surrounds are being replaced. 301 will re-enter service at the Trolleybus Museum @ Sandtoft during the 2024 operating season.


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